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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

 This phone is a beast! The edge side of it does really come in handy and keeps you from being interrupted by calls etc..when you are watching a video or taking notes or tweaking your shopping list wit the S Pen. Normally on a phone when a call or message comes in it will interrupt what you're doing by taking up the whole screen. Not on the Note edge. It will come up on the edge side of the phone without interfering with what you are doing. Check out my video giving a quick snapshot of what it can do.

Building Wealth

    Wealth building 101 - You can never receive more than you're willing to give. So many want to build wealth but are unwilling to sacrifice enough to be uncomfortable. That's fine. Just know your life today will be your life tomorrow. Most people have the wrong idea about wealth. They want to make more money and think they are doing well. The amount you make means nothing. The amount you keep and what you do with it means everything. I see people making $20k a year that have a higher net worth than people making 6 figures.

GT Advanced Technologies

GT Advanced Tech was at$10 October 6th. They announced Bankruptcy reorganization. All anyone heard was bankruptcy and sold like crazy! Their stock dropped to 75 cents. Now look at it this way. If it dropped just for announcing bankruptcy and their fundamentals haven't changed. They are just reorganizing. Apple is still funding them in bankruptcy with that 578 Million multi year deal. Once people understand that they are not broke. They are just reorganizing then they will buy back in. If you bought at 75 cents it was up to $1.96 today. About 150% rise. People you are supposed to be in stocks to invest. Not to make a quick million over night like you're trying out multilevel marketing. Relax. 

Alibaba IPO

Alibaba's IPO is this Friday September 19th. I sold some positions to get ready to buy up some shares. For the past week that I've been waiting I started hearing things about the company via the SEC. I started digging deeper and I did not like what I found. While the market was down (because of everyone selling positions to have money for the IPO) I decided to buy positions of established companies and some speculative. I was able to buy at least 25% more shares because of this.

        Alibaba was pushed up from $60-$66 per share opening but because of their family and friends and organizations with deep pockets buying $1bil worth of shares it left the rest of us in a bad position.

Big Brother 16 / sept. 17th

   Okay so we all knew how tonight was going to go. When you get down to the final 4 and you have two people like Cody & Derrick working together... You have a competition beast like Caleb by himself and a person like Victoria that has been on the block 9 times and probably can't even win at that...smh... Then you know the person they are going to send home is Caleb.

       When Cody went to let Caleb know he was the one being evicted you could hear in his voice and see the tears in Cody's eyes.

Big Brother 16 / Spoiler alert

                                             ....Spoiler alert!!!!!

         This season has been pretty boring. No one making any big moves. Everyone just falling in line and getting voted out in order. The only thing I'm happy about is that there was a reset and Frankie did not get HOH the second time around. Beast mode cowboy did. Caleb puts Frankie on the block.

Xbox One vs PS4

Okay let's talk about this "war". There's no war. Xbox is doing their thing and the PS4 is doing its thing, but we have all this misinformation being spewed by Sony and Sony fanboyism. Look. I had every iteration of the playstation and also picked up the 360 when it came out. One thing I liked about the 360 is when I was done playing a game I could go to multiplayer and play against others over and over forever. I've been playing gears of war for 8 years. I can't do that on the playstation.

The Good Wife Season 5

I have to say this is the best season so far. I love the conflict and the betrayal this season. I also love how Alicia Florrick's husband the Governor elect came to her rescue when she got fired and started dropping the hammer on Lockhart Gardner. All I have to say is shutem down. shutem shutem down!

   Will wants to throw his weight around like he's somebody. He didn't like it when Alicia's husband (Governor elect ) called. You can see the fear on his face. I love it. Also I do not know why Kalinda turned on Alicia and Carey.

Big Brother 15 August 28th 2013

Uh oh! Things are finally starting to heat up in the Big Brother house.

Spoiler alert!

     So Elissa won HOH and put Amanda and Aaryn up on the Block. Amanda won POV and now everyone wants to know...who is Elissa going to put up as a replacement? Andy thinks it's him and is running around the house crying saying "it's going to be's going to be me" Amanda is crying because she wants Ginamarie to go up as a replacement and she said Elissa does what she wants and doesn't listen to anyone and that's wrong.

Big Brother 15 Wed August 7th

Ha! Things are finally going the way I want them on BB15. Amanda is becoming the biggest bully. She thinks she's a god in this house. She had the nerve to get in a fight with Jesse and tell her that she was safe before the arguing but now she's going home this week because Amanda thinks she controls everyone's vote. Well guess what crack head? America put you up 2 weeks in a row with that MVP vote and Jesse won the POV and took herself off the block!

               Now all we need is for the floaters to get together and vote Amanda out.
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