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January 2012

American Idol

I don't know. Maybe it's just me, but does it seem like the Judges are letting any and everyone through this year?


Anyone watch Kiefer Sutherland's return to TV in the TV show Touch on Wed. Jan 25th? What did you think?

The Guyver Concept ( Summer Solstice )

It's coming! The concept is on the horizon. What do you think it will be like? I can guarantee you that it's nothing like what you have heard on the past 2 albums. Me and Rainn will be dropping "Brothers to the end" towards the end of Feb with sneak peaks and snippets at the beginning of Feb."The Guyver Concept" will follow with world wide pre orders on itunes, Amazon and everywhere else music is sold! Need your support, because it will also be Billboard registered.

Cash prize contest

Here's how the cash prizes will work going forward. Once a month to start and then maybe every 2 weeks later on down the line I will post "It's raining money" along with 2 lines from a possible 5 songs. The first person to tell me the name of the song and verse those lines are found in will win $50-$100 cash either mailed to you or pay-paled to you at 12noon EST the next day. You must say it in this order. "It's raining money (name of song and which verse it's in)" if you forget "it's raining money" you will lose!

Scientist can now Cloak Space and Time

Scientist have figured out how to Hide or Cloak time. This means that if something happened at 10pm they can briefly bend light around that time so that you skip right over it. Essentially masking that time as if it never existed.

Full article here

Bomb scare at King of Prussia

what dumb ass is going to leave a hollowed out hand grenade in a plant pot? Was it fun to do that? Scare everybody and waste tax payer $ to have the bomb squad come out? People like that should be smacked, kicked and smacked again. To the person that did're an idiot and you did that for attention because you have no girl and no kids. You're going to jail for a long time. Get the vasoline.  
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